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Hello World :)

The unemployment that started on 04.07.2017 is continuing my adventure. I made many business interviews. Yet a possible result has not arrived at me from companies. I see the same unreason in the interviews I went to. I want to talk about that unreason.

There was "all day all night work work work" a rule in my first interview. And all office watched with the cameras by the boss. The boss showed me the whole office with those cameras. It's funny. Because this means "That place is the prison. And I will watch to you if you work with us". Who wants to work in the prison? I don't know and I don't understand.

Another interview, another unreason for me "What do you expect from us?". I hate this question. Do I have to ask you this question? I think I have to. Because I want to company car, private room, pool and high salary. Who doesn't want to them? I know I can't request to those. Because we are living in the Turkey. If you are a programmer in the Turkey, your requests are a table, a chair, and computer. There are those who make more. But I don't know yet. I think the correct question must be "We offer you ..... these possibilities. Would you like to work with us?"

I won't forget 02 August 2017 hour 16:00. There was two unreason. First is the contradiction. A Very famous company call me to the business interview. I was so happy. Because always I want to work for the famous company. I started the search on the web this company. I was happier as I searched. The company explained the process. I read all of them. I worked in English. Because I will be an exam in English. So far everything is normal. But I was reading on the web page "We offer you the salary if first possible interview after". But when I was going to interview, one of the questions asked to me "How much salary do you expect from us?". I wanted work on this company and written low salary. Second case "question question question". I accept, there were questions I didn't know. But constant questioning makes people forget what they know. If famous companies are doing this, who knows what second and third class companies are doing?

Well, I was wondering how? Most important "How do you find out how to solve a problem or how to write a software?" for me. "How much make the solution he find?". These things I expect. Because technology is improving rapidly and a lot of resources are available on the internet. To meet such questions in the future. Thank you for reading.

Aug 3, 2017